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Viral: Walkie-Talkie Radio, used in Distance Learning!

If there's a will, there's a way.
Radio-based instruction as part of Distance Learning Modalities is indeed an alternative way of reaching out to our beloved pupils. Specially to the mountainous area where internet and mobile signal is nearly impossible.

This is what Danac Elementary School in DepEd Abra came up with as a solution to bridging the distance gap between school and students. Internet connectivity is not plausible in their community that's why this practice was put into action.

Each grade level allotted one hour On-Air Class Discussion from Monday to Friday to assist pupils and parents in learning and answering their self learning modules.

The teacher has a walkie- talkie radio while talking to parents with walkie- talkie radio, beside the pupil who is studying. The parents listen to the teachers' instruction about the module and relay information to his child.

Netizens salute this kind of creative innovation making education accessible even in remote areas and urge those in the same situation to bench mark such outstanding practice. They also clamor for #SanaAll may radio.

Photos credit: DepEd Tayo Abra

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  1. Halo Kaguro!Ur Ims in reading is of great help to our struggling learner's...tnks and Godbless!!!


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